Interested in adopting an animal not yet available? Here's how you can add a new member to your family. When animals are brought to the SEAACA Animal Care Center, they are held for a specific number of days to allow owners to find their lost pets. During the holding time, interested citizens can put a "hold" on the animal. If the owner does not claim their pet, there is an opportunity for the public to adopt that animal.

SEAACA uses a numerical holding system. A list is created for each pet and the first name on the list has the first opportunity to adopt once the holding time ends. If the first name of the list is not here at 12:00 p.m. (noon) then we move to the second name and on down the list.

Once you have obtained an identification information slip, please take the slip to our front counter. One of our Customer Service Representatives will add your name to the list for the animal.

The representative will give you the next available hold number sheet. This sheet will include available date, time, cage number, Identification number, adoption fees and general information about adoptions.

Thank you for inquiring about adopting an animal. Placing a hold on an animal does not give any person an exclusive right to adopt the animal. This will serve as your record but we can not call to remind you of the animal's availability. You may call us to check whether or not the animal is still available at (562) 803-3301.