Adoption Partners

SEAACA believes the essence of the positive efforts to place animals in "forever" homes is a partnership between SEAACA, Adoption Partners and the community. Animals in the care of SEAACA do not need to be "rescued", rather SEAACA supports and endorses efforts to extend its established adoption program. SEAACA collaborates with Adoption Partners that include but are not limited to adoption organization (some are breed specific); sheltering organizations (private and government); and Humane Foundations to place/transfer adoptable care center animals after they have been available for adoption by the general public. All Adoption Partners must be a 501 (C) 3.

Organizations interested in working with SEAACA must complete the Adoption Partner Application and be approved by the Executive Director or designate. All members of the organization actively adopting animals from the care center and providing off-site care and housing will be listed on the application.

Please click on the link to the Adoption Partner application.