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Adopt-A-Pet August - September 2014

Join us for another edition of Adopt-A-Pet with the cities animal control agency, The SEAACA the South East Area Animal Control Authority located in Downey. If you see a pet you recognize on the program contact them to help reunite the pet with their owners.

Know Where Your Puppy Came From

Thinking About Getting a Puppy? Know Where Your Puppy Came From

‘Puppy mills’ have gone global. ‘Puppy mills’ are large-scale dog breeders and sellers that fail to ensure proper welfare and veterinary care of dogs under their care. In the past decade, the number of puppies imported to California has greatly increased—over 100 dogs arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) monthly. We have not had an imported dog with rabies since 2004. However, many puppies are arriving from countries where rabies is common in dogs.

Pets.TV: Animal Control Patrol (Series - Epi. 14)

Officer Connie Navarette is in for a wild day! Her first trip takes her to a local barber shop – only it’s not for a haircut - it’s for a Possum pick-up! Then a homeowner calls SEAAA after finding a posse of Possums hanging out in her front yard. And a trapped Kitty living in the floor boards of a house is rescued and taken back to SEAACA for safety.

Pets.TV: Animal Control Patrol (Series - Epi. 14)

Campgrounds Closed Due to Plague Found in a Ground Squirrel

Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and U.S. Forestry Service officials have closed the Broken Blade, Twisted Arrow, and Pima Loops of the Table Mountain Campgrounds in the Angeles National Forest after tests confirmed that one ground squirrel trapped on July 16, 2013 during routine surveillance activities tested positive on July 23, 2013 for plague. The sites were officially closed at 1:00 p.m. today, and will be closed for at least 7 days. Campers at the site have been notified of the closure by Forest Service officials. The campgrounds and recreational areas are located near Wrightwood. In coordination with the Los Angeles County Department of Agriculture/Weights and Measures, the squirrel burrows in the area will be dusted for fleas. Further testing of squirrels will be done before the area is re-opened to the public.

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