Adoption Application
Adding a new member to your family by adopting a pet from SEAACA's Animal Care Center is an exciting time. Adopting a pet is a 'Companion for Life' and should not be taken lightly. We at SEAACA want to work with you to help you make the right choice for your new family member.

The adoption process begins at 12:00 p.m. If you have a specific pet you are interested in, make sure to arrive around 11:45 a.m. on the day it becomes available to fill out the adoption application. Please present your check-in slip to one of our Customer Service Representatives in the front office.

An approved adoption application is required along with a proper identification before any adoption can take place. Several forms, including the application will be given to you to complete after you have found a pet you may want to adopt.

Allow extra time for the adoption process. A short interview with the adoption counselor may be required before any adoption is approved.

There are times that adoptions are denied for various reasons. SEAACA tries to ensure both the new pet and the new owners are compatible.

SEAACA's adoption fees for dogs and cats include spaying and neutering (8 weeks & up), vaccination and permanent-ID microchip. Rabbits are also spayed or neutered for their well-being and best behavior.


  • Dog:
    • Under 12 month: $135
    • Over 12 month to 5 years: $110
    • Over 5 years: $75
  • Cat:
    • Under 12 month: $85
    • Over 12 month to 5 years: $60
    • Over 5 years: $30
  • All Rabbits: $25 (includes microchip)
  • Other animals: Please inquire at SEAACA's front office.

There are special event discounts  or promotions which may apply to the animal you wish to adopt. Our Customer Service Representatives will advise if any apply to your adoption.