As part of SEAACA's on-going commitment to excellence in Animal Care and Control, SEAACA participates in the sharing of information and statistics in California within consistent categories and definitions often used by other agencies. The attached tables for calendar years 2013 – 2022 reflect SEAACA’s extensive efforts to positively impact the animals in our care including but are not limited to:

  • Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership in all literature, printed material and other venues,
  • Returning identified animals to their owners in the field and expanding our return to owner efforts at the Care Center,
  • Increasing adoptions throughout the year with special promotions at the Care Center (Have A Heart, Pets For Troops, etc.) ,
  • Continued funding of the Big Meow project to spay and neuter owned cats,
  • An extensive Humane Education program at schools, civic organizations, mailers and media,
  • Working collaboratively with over 200 Adoption Partner Organizations (501c3) -providing reduced or no cost adoptions for the registered partners-animals receive rabies vaccinations and microchip at no cost,
  • Establishing a Pre-Sterile program where available animals are altered, micro-chipped and vaccinated to increase their adoptability and be able to go home the same day as adopted by their forever family,
  • Participating in community events throughout SEAACA’s service region,
  • Working with a revamped Volunteer Program, SEAACA has volunteers on and off-site to help with the animals and humane education,
  • Transporting unclaimed and not adopted animals to other Animal Control Agencies or Humane Societies with openings at their Centers,
  • Created an E-Newsletter to inform and educate pet owners and potential adopters encouraging the public to visit the Care Center to find a new family member,

With the help of our many supporters and those who care about the animals-thank you! Together, we are collaboratively moving in the right direction to increase the number of adoptable animals going to forever homes.

Animal Statistics for SEAACA

SEAACA is celebrating the hard work and dedication of SEAACA's Staff, Volunteers and Community Partners. Included as attachments to this section are statistics prepared annually from 2013-2022 as well as two comparison charts comparing 2013-2017 and 2018-2022.

Stats Infographix

SEAACA insists that the community is aware and takes ownership of the number of animals entering into SEAACA’s care. SEAACA will continue to promote "Responsible Pet Ownership" including spaying and neutering of pets; work collaboratively with positive Community and Adoption Partners; and implement a variety of programs to produce positive outcomes for the animals in our care.

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