Animal Control and Field Services

SEAACA is committed to answering the community's needs for responsible animal care and control services. One significant component of SEAACA's responsibility is the enforcement of laws. SEAACA's Animal Control Officers (ACOs) are trained in the enforcement of laws pertaining to proper animal care and the responsibilities of ownership of animals. ACO's enforce both state laws and local ordinances within our 14 city jurisdiction 7 days a week. In addition, ACOs are the face of SEAACA in the field and make every effort to educate the community regarding responsible pet ownership.

Important tasks ACOs perform include:

  • Investigating reports of animal abuse and neglect
  • Preparing and presenting investigative files for the prosecution of criminal animal cruelty
  • Removing animals from dangerous conditions
  • Responding to calls for animals found without their owners
  • Rescuing injured or sick animals of all types
  • Responding to vicious animal concerns and animal-bite reports
  • Returning licensed dogs to owners in field when possible

SEAACA's ACOs take complaints and allegations of animal cruelty serious; they are the voice of those animals abused and neglected. If you know of or suspect abuse, neglect, or danger involving an animal, immediately call (562) 803-3301 for a SEAACA Animal Control Officer's prompt response. Reports are confidential.