Dog Ownership Tips

SEAACA encourages all pet owners to review the following tips when considering adopting a new puppy or dog:

  • Supplies you need for your new puppy/dog:
    1. A bowl for water and a bowl for food
    2. Collar with identification tags (have your dog micro-chipped) and a leash
    3. Toys and dog "puzzles" (example: Kong toy)
    4. Bags for picking up after the dog while on walks
    5. Brush and or comb
    6. Nail clippers

  • When adopting a puppy/dog from a shelter remember to keep it separate from your other puppies or dogs at home to prevent any spread of sickness.

  • Avoid using plastic pet bowls and use either stainless steel or ceramic bowls so there is less of a chance of bacteria developing.

  • Be sure you spend time bonding with your pet. It can be as simple as playing fetch at home or going on a nice evening stroll together. It has health benefits for both you and is a part of having a healthy, happy pet.

  • Always put a leash on your puppy/dog when going out. It is one of the simplest ways to keep your pet safe and it is also the law.

  • Have a place for your pet to rest and sleep. Place a bed or bedding in an area your pet knows is their "den". Any puppy or dog that is outdoors must have access to shade and shelter. Consider the elements and time of year when leaving your puppy/dog outside. Be sure your pet has everything it will need to stay warm or cool.

  • Grooming your pet is necessary for all dogs. Some have more demanding requirements than others. Some dogs may even need to see a groomer on a regular basis.

  • Remember to keep up with health vaccines to keep your puppy/dog health. Be sure to know the vaccine follow up date and mark it on your calendar. It might be here before you know it.

  • Monthly flea treatments should be applied to keep your pet happy and your home free of fleas.

  • Place on your windows an alert indicating there is a pet(s) inside of the residence needing to be rescued in case of an emergency.

Remember a pet is a fur member of your family giving unconditional love, joy and companionship.